Luoghi Comuni | Documentary Film | Paolo Virno


Directors and Producers

Mário Gomes / Marco Ugolini

This is the first feature documentary film from the duo Mário Gomes/Marco Ugolini. This is also the first film of a trilogy, all dedicated to contemporary italian philosophy.

Mário Gomes

Mário Gomes (PT/DE) was awarded a PhD in Literature and Cultural Anthropology from the Universities of Bonn and Florence. He has lived in Berlin since 2007, where he works as a musician, writer and film maker. After several short films, micro-documentaries and video-clips, in 2010 he completed his first main feature documentary film, Muito Além, which was shown in several festivals around the world.

Marco Ugolini

Marco Ugolini (IT) is a Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. He studied at the ISIA in Florence and later was awarded a Master Degree in Design from the Sandberg Institute (Rietveld Academy) in Amsterdam. Thanks to prizes and scholarships he has participated in artists residency programmes in Brazil, Germany and Ireland. He explores the territories where art and design overlap and realises videos as well as multimedia and site-specific artworks.

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